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Constant Pressure for Medicare Eligible Adults

Never before have Medicare-eligible individuals been under the pressure of marketers like they are now.  There are constant television commercials, steady flows of mail, and often unwanted calls from insurance telemarketers.  I wish I could say this was going to end, but with the high number of individuals turning sixty-five every day, I think it will probably worsen.  With this constant marketing pressure, it is hard for individuals to know who to trust.  Do you trust the insurance agent calling from Texas, Florida, or perhaps Georgia?  Frankly, I would be more inclined to put my trust in a local agent.  Why, because local agents have a much higher incentive to act with honesty and integrity.  Local agents want to keep a good reputation for helping individuals.  Whereas a telesales agent has no investment in his or her reputation locally.  So, when you are deciding to call a Medicare agent, make sure you think it through!