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Medicare Services

Learn about the different Medicare products and insurance companies I represent plus some education videos for you to watch.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Medicare Products

There are individuals who think that insurance agents should offer a lot of different products.  However, I believe the opposite.  For me to maintain my knowledge and expertise, I believe I must focus on one area, which you guessed is Medicare.  That is why I only offer three specific insurance products; Medicare supplements (Medigap plans), Medicare prescription drug plans (Part D), and Medicare Advantage plans (Part C).  If you select the Medicare Products button below, you will see more detailed information about these products.  

Medicare Eduction

As I stated on my Home page, educating individuals is one of my top priorities.  Therefore, I have included some educational videos on my website that were created to help you get started.  If you click the Medicare Education button below, you will be taken to my educational section.  

Insurance Companies

I have to say that working as an insurance broker is a perfect fit for me.  As a broker, I have the opportunity to represent several different companies.  This means that I can show you more options without having to steer you toward a specific company.  I am fortunate to represent all of the large and well-known companies that offer Medicare insurance products. If you click on the Insurance Companies button below, you will be taken to a listing of the companies I represent.   

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